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    Imagine being able to have a 360° view of every room, with the chance to zoom in on any defects and find out more about them through annotated notes. Yas Inventories simplifies inspection reports, so you have all the information you need for better record-keeping. Through one intuitive interface, you can share timely reports with tenants, landlords, and your team, and allow them to sign reports with e-signatures. Leave behind cumbersome paper reports and take your inventories digital.

    Mission Control Dash
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    Digital Signatures

    YAS Inventories

    Your reports, transformed
    Yas Inventories offers a smart new way to conduct inspection reports, boosting your efficiency and helping you save time and money. Skip printing and reading through pages of information. With our interactive new interface, you can view 360° images, hotspots, action icons, and collect digital signatures to transform your reporting experience completely. Refresh the old approach to property management and inspection with our intuitive property inventory software.

    Fast & Efficient

    Conduct faster, more thorough inspections with this one-of-a-kind property inventory app. Intuitive features allow you to seamlessly generate, sync, and share reports, saving you time and money.

    High-quality images

    Capture high-resolution 2D and 360° images to document property details and defects with unparalleled clarity. Images are easily stored and offer an alternative to outdated reporting methods.

    Easy to Use

    With our convenient platform, you will no longer need to create report templates manually. In just a few clicks, you can access our app and build and share comprehensive reports quickly.

    Precise and accurate

    Add hotspots to your high-resolution images for added detail and accuracy. Hotspots capture every inch of your properties, helping you resolve disputes in seconds and saving you time and energy.

    Cloud-based software

    Access, share and manage your reports remotely from any device. Our cloud-based platform ensures you always have all the information you need without taking up space on your device.

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